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Providing the latest in air comfort technology is Daikin’s mission. Consult your nearest Daikin representative to learn what special features are built into the models in your area.

  • ACTech1
    Patented Streamer Discharge Technology

    Bring innovation home with Daikin's Patented Streamer discharge Technology that is capable of eliminating the most stubborn toxins from indoor air.

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  • ACTech2
    Technology to Inactivate Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

    Keep yourself and your loved ones safe indoors with Daikin’s Streamer Discharge Technology. Proven to eliminate over 99.9% of coronavirus.

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  • ACTech3
    Inverter Technology

    Experience ultimate comfort and save big bucks as you live the life of your dreams with Daikin inverter ACs.

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  • ACTech4
    R-32: The Green Refrigerent

    Befriend the environment with R-32 refrigerant.

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  • ACTech5
    Heating & Cooling

    Experience the power of comfort--both for you and the environment with Daikin state-of-the-art Heating & Cooling technology.

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